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A nonprofit dedicated to helping individuals, families, and communities affected by substance use disorder. We work to prevent overdoses through education, prevention and advocacy.

Substance Use Disorder Help When and Where It’s Needed

Overdose due to opioid use has become a leading cause of death in the US. Today, Americans are more likely to die due to an overdose than they are from cars and guns. Yet services, specifically those aimed at overdose prevention and substance use help, do not meet the growing opioid crisis.

Overdose Lifeline’s objective is not only to increase access to overdose prevention and education services but also to remove the stigma of addiction and provide proper care and access to treatment for those at risk.

Learn more about Substance Use Disorder and the overdose epidemic.

Why Overdose Prevention Matters

1 in 4

noncancer opioid users struggle with addiction


overdose deaths in the US were estimated to have occurred in 2021

90 percent

of addictions have been proven to originate during the teenage years

Substance Use Disorder Prevention and Education Programs

Overdose Lifeline offers evidence-based programs for developing overdose prevention strategies that seek to address underlying problems, raise awareness and develop crucial support networks. Learn about some of our main programs and how to take part below.

MATE Act Approved CE Courses

Fulfill your DEA MATE Act 8-hour training with Overdose Lifeline’s ACCME and ANCC accredited on-demand online courses.

Increasing Access to Overdose Prevention

Equal access to naloxone is a key step in fighting the opioid epidemic, providing lifesaving treatment for those who experience an overdose. Overdose Lifeline aims to reduce barriers to naloxone access.

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