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The Community Harm Reduction and Improved Outcomes Team (CHARIOT) is a community-based overdose response network prepared to answer calls for help from those witnessing an overdoseThe opioid antidote naloxone (NARCAN®) is inexpensive and widely available to Hoosiers through statewide standing order prescriptions—this is the life-saving resource used by CHARIOT. Further, Aaron’s Law, passed in 2014, allows lay responders who receive training to administer naloxone to individuals experiencing an overdose.

If you witness an overdose, don’t run. Always call 911. And if you live in Marion county, another option will soon be available: a nearby CHARIOT volunteer can come to your location and perform an overdose reversal with naloxone. 

The goal of CHARIOT is to confront the opioid crisis by empowering the affected communities. By engaging our neighbors and loved ones to respond alongside 911, we can reduce response times, help prevent fatal overdoses, and build stronger communities. 

When a CHARIOT volunteer is the first to arrive on scene, the overdose reversal can be performed by a trusted community member or neighbor, there is a calm and objective presence on scene to cooperate with EMS/law enforcement, and the volunteer can offer referrals in a compassionate and non-stigmatizing way with no threat of abuse or arrest.

It is our hope by engaging volunteers in the program itself we can raise awareness about harm reduction and promote proactive, hopeful approaches to combating the opioid crisis.


If you live or work in Marion county and want to be a part of CHARIOT, sign up here.​

The tools to make this project a reality have been provided to ODL through a partnership with Trek Medics, International. Trek Medics is 501c3-registered nongovernmental organization (NGO) dedicated to improving emergency medical systems in communities across the globe through innovative mobile phone technologies.

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Don't run. Call 911.


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