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Overdose Lifeline is working with the City of Indianapolis Office of Public Health and Safety to better get harm reduction supplies to affected communities within Marion County.

The Community Harm Reduction and Improved Outcomes Team (CHARIOT) is a community-based program aimed to prevent overdose deaths before they occur by analyzing drug seizure, bad batch, and overdose spike reports and getting harm reduction services into the affected areas. CHARIOT aims to gather local organizations to address multiple health needs, while also providing fentanyl test strips and/or naloxone to community members at pop-up health events. 

CHARIOT brings together key partners within Marion County to address addiction and prevent overdose. Together, we can keep each other safe through compassion and harm reduction.

The goal of CHARIOT is to confront the opioid crisis by empowering the affected communities. By engaging with our neighbors and loved ones when risk of overdose is increased and offering harm reduction services, we can help prevent fatal overdoses, connect people to local resources, and build stronger communities. 

When CHARIOT pop-up events occur and reach the communities at high risk of overdose, communities can have open conversations about substances and harm reduction, as well as be connected with organizations that may be able to help in other ways.

To receive notifications and text message alerts relating to bad batches, drug seizures, overdose spikes, and where and when to access naloxone and fentanyl test strips, text SOAR to 765-358-7627.

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