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Layperson Naloxone Administration

Course Overview

The Layperson Naloxone (NARCAN) training course will teach you how to recognize the signs of an opioid overdose and administer the opioid overdose reversal drug Naloxone.

The course is available as a self-paced online continuing education course, as a trainer program for in-person and webinar settings, or available for live online and on-site training for groups of five or more. 

The Layperson Naloxone (NARCAN) training course is suitable for laypersons, including, but not limited to: businesses, organizations, community members, correctional facilities, educators, faith groups, government and health care professionals, parents and caregivers, pharmacies, school nurses, senior living facilities, sober living communities, treatment and recovery centers, and more.

Note: The training does not provide the credentials to be a Naloxone Distribution Entity. State requirements differ. Therefore please check with your local state HHS or Health Departments for specific requirements for your state.

What You Will Learn

  • Ability to recognize the signs of an opioid overdose
  • Acquire knowledge of how to administer the opioid overdose reversal drug Naloxone
  • Understand the role of harm reduction in the overall opioid public health crisis solutions / action plan / strategy.

Course Outline

  1. Brief Review of the Disease of Addiction
  2. Barrier to Seeking Help & Treatment
  3. Opioid Overview
    a. The Opioid Family of Drugs
    b. Opioid Misuse and Addiction
  4. The Overdose Epidemic
    a. Data, Trends and Impact
  5. Contributors and Risk Factors
    a. Prescribing Practices
    b. Misrepresentation of Opioid Addiction Risks
    c. Paths to Prescription Pain Medicine Addiction
    d. Paths to Heroin Use
    e. Who is Affected
    f. Young Adults / Youth Risk Factors
    g. Signs of Heroin or Prescription Opioid Misuse
  6. Recognizing and Preventing an Overdose
    a. Who is at Risk of an Overdose
    b. Factors that Increase Heroin Overdose
    c. Harm Reduction Definition
    d. What is Naloxone
    e. Why Use Naloxone
    f. What Does an Opioid Overdose Look Like
    g. How Opioids Affect the Central Nervous System
    h. How Naloxone Stops an Overdose
    i. Naloxone Myths and Studies
    j. Naloxone Access and Laws
    k. Naloxone Delivery Devices
  7. Naloxone Administration
    a. Intranasal Naloxone Administration (ADAPT)
    b. Intranasal Naloxone Administration (AMPHASTAR)
    c. Intramuscular Naloxone Administration
    d. General Naloxone Information
  8. Solutions
  9. End Notes and Resources

Online CE Course

Online, self-paced continuing education.

1.5 CE Credits

Clinician and layperson accreditation through Purdue University, College of Pharmacy, Office of Continuing Education.


Individual Course: $25



On-Site & Live Online Training

On-site and live online training, available for groups of five or more.

Fill out the form below, email us, or call 844.554.3354 for more information and a custom quote. 

Trainer Course

Get certified to deliver course within your community.


The Brain and the Disease of Addiction

Fees: $225/person

  • Prerequisite course: $30 pp
  • Course Training: $150 pp
  • Course Kit: $45 pp

Annual Program License: $400/per group

  • Access for one or more trainers within an organization to use the trainer materials.

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