How to Administer Naloxone

Learn how to administer naloxone in an emergency overdose situation, using four different delivery methods.

How to Use Naloxone (Narcan™)
for an Opioid Overdose


Naloxone is able to be administered through several different methods. This includes an autoinjector, a syringe, a nasal spray, and an atomizer. Although traditionally naloxone was administered only by emergency response personnel, today it can be administered by minimally trained laypeople. Below you will find guides on how to administer naloxone for each method.

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How to Administer Naloxone (Narcan™)
with Different Delivery Devices


Intramuscular naloxone should be injected into the shoulder or thigh at a 90-degree angle. It comes packaged in single and multi-dose forms.

Learn more on how and where to inject naloxone

Amphastar with MAD Atomizer

Most pharmacies carry the Amphastar brand of intranasal naloxone, which along with a MAD atomizer will convert the liquid to a nasal spray.

Learn more on how to use a naloxone atomizer

Narcan® Nasal Spray

Narcan® Nasal Spray Narcan® by Adapt Pharma is a 4mg formulation of intranasal naloxone. It requires no assembly which makes for easy use.

Learn how to use Narcan Nasal Spray

Kloxxado™ Nasal Spray

Kloxxado™ by Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC is an 8 mg formulation of intranasal naloxone. No assembly is required for use.

Learn more on how to use Kloxxado™ Nasal Spray

Naloxone HCL Nasal Spray

Naloxone HCL is an FDA approved generic of Narcan®. 4 mg generic naloxone formulations are released by both Sandoz and Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, pharmaceutical companies specializing in generic medicines.

Learn more on how to use Naloxone HCL Nasal Spray

How Often to Administer Naloxone?

When a person is experiencing an overdose, naloxone can be administered every 2-3 minutes until the person wakes up. Learn more about Naloxone and how it can help with substance abuse overdose.

Administration Video Guides

Intranasal Adapt

Intranasal Amphastar

Intramuscular Syringe

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