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Lifeline for Loss

Lifeline for Loss is a monthly overdose support group for family and friends that have lost a loved one to an overdose.

You are not alone


Have you lost a loved one to an overdose and are seeking support? The Lifeline for Loss overdose support group is facilitated by a licensed therapist and provides support for individuals recovering from loss due to addiction or an overdose.

A Monthly Overdose Support Group

Loving someone with substance use disorder comes with challenges and heartache. Society judges individuals with addiction and substance abuse problems and the people around them experience this stigma and shame too. So when someone is lost due to a drug overdose, feelings of shame prevent others from properly grieving.

Lifeline for Loss is a monthly grief support group for anyone experiencing this and recognizes the need for an understanding community to provide support and help in recovery from loss.

Remember Your Loved Ones

Did you know you can share your loved one’s story on our Remembrances page?

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