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Introducing MACRO-B


We are thrilled to announce our latest project that will guide our efforts in reaching underserved communities: Multi-Sector and Multi-Level Community-Driven Approaches to Remove Structural Racism and Overdose Deaths in Black Indianapolis Communities (MACRO-B) Coalition.

Uncovering Barriers to Access

When we looked at our naloxone distribution data, we found that of the 40,000 kits requested in Marion County, only one of the individuals identified as black. While black and brown communities have been hit the hardest by the opioid epidemic, we were not reaching them with lifesaving Naloxone. We had to do better, and we wanted to find out how. And so, we began to work by finding a partner to assist and financially support our efforts. We teamed up with Indiana University to investigate the barriers in reaching these underserved communities and learn how to reduce opioid-involved overdose deaths in black/brown Indianapolis communities.

Together, we launched Multi-Sector Community Driven Approaches to Remove Structural Racism & Overdose Deaths in Black Indianapolis Communities (MACRO-B). This initiative is led by Charlotte Crabtree and researchers and practitioners at Indiana University. 

Addressing racial disparities in SUD treatment and naloxone distribution requires a multifaceted approach that acknowledges historical injustices and systemic racism. By prioritizing equity, increasing resources, and engaging with affected communities, we can work towards a more just and effective response to the public health opioid crisis that uplifts all individuals, regardless of race or background.

Meet Our MACRO-B Team

Charlotte Crabtree
Diversity & Outreach Program Manager, Overdose Lifeline

Charlotte Crabtree’s experience with recovery and passion for activism led her to a career at Overdose Lifeline, where she actively works as an advocate for harm reduction in the Indianapolis black community. As a lifelong advocate for the most marginalized, Charlotte Crabtree is a natural leader in our fight to tackle systemic barriers and make resources accessible to all marginalized communities.

Getting Involved With MACRO-B

MACRO-B is continuing its research into these complex topics with the goal in mind of bridging the gap between lifesaving resources and knowledge and the Black community of Indianapolis. The team has been hard at work conducting multiple rounds of interviews and gathering invaluable research to help build intentional strategies. Other current plans involve creating townhall meetings, where community members can congregate and discuss these issues. The continued growth of community involvement is of the utmost importance, so the MACRO-B team strongly encourages people to help promote and attend these townhalls when they are scheduled.

Please contact Ms. Charlotte Crabtree at to learn more about the initiative and how you can get involved.

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