Indiana Naloxone Boxes and Distribution Centers

Naloxone in Indiana

Naloxone is available without a prescription in all states. Depending on the need, it can be found in multiple locations throughout Indiana. Want to learn more about how naloxone can help in the event of an overdose? Learn more about naloxone.

Find Naloxone (Narcan™) Near Me

The following map shows NaloxBox locations and naloxone distribution centers around Indiana.

Distribution Center

A community partner that can distribute naloxone to the public, hours and accessibility vary, please contact center to confirm availability.


Accessible 24 hours a day for naloxone pick up at an outside location with no personal interaction needed.

Vending Machines

Repurposed vending machines equipped to carry up to 300 free Naloxone kits accessible 24/7.

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      Indiana Naloxone Boxes and Distribution Centers

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