14th Indiana Annual Recovery Month Symposium

THANK YOU to everyone who made the 14th Indiana Annual Recovery Month Symposium our most successful year yet! We had over 500 registrants and 55 vendors gathered to learn, network, and discover better paths to recovery. We are so proud of the work in this space and honored to be a part of these meaningful conversations.

On the first day, we heard from our Keynote Address, Beth Macy. Beth Macy is the author of many critically acclaimed and New York Times-bestselling books. One of which, Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company That Addicted America (2018), was turned into an acclaimed limited television Series on Hulu. After her talk, she held a book signing for the INARMS attendees for her latest book: Raising Lazarus.

Our second-day Keynote was a panel discussion from the makers of The Addicts Wake, featuring the director Michael Hussein (left), Executive Producer Lisa Hall (middle), and John Cunningham (right), founder of Recover out Loud and a Certified Recovery Specialist and health worker. Together, they shared their experience in making the documentary and their inspiration to shine light on the communities impacted by the opioid epidemic.

See all photos from INARMS here.

After the event, we asked the Overdose Lifeline team to share some of their favorite moments/quotes from the sessions. We hope these resonate with you as well:

Stigma creates a lack of support from the community, decision-makers, leaders, etc.

-Riding The Road of Recovery via MAT(Ashley Collins and Jennifer Fillmore both from Centerstone)

Shame and stigma keep people from getting the help they need. 

-Alfie Ballew, Marion Co. Coroner’s Office

It takes community to support someone in recovery

-Melissa Fry, Indiana University Southeast

Harm reduction is the gateway to recovery.

-Beth Macy

Thank you to all of our sponsors who supported this event. INARMS is one of the largest substance use-related events in Indiana, and it continues to grow each year. None of this would have been possible without their support.

We’d also like to thank everyone who shared INARMS with their network. We are reaching more people each year, and there’s no better way to celebrate this important work than to share it together. We hope you enjoyed your time with us.

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