Introducing S.O.U.L. – Rebranding ODL’s Efforts to Lower Overdose Deaths in Underserved Communities

Overdose Lifeline (ODL) is thrilled to unveil the transformation of our MACRO-B (Multi-Level Community-Driven Approaches to Remove Structural Racism and Overdose Deaths in Black Indianapolis Communities) project. This project was designed to identify and dismantle access barriers to lifesaving resources in Black communities to reduce overdose fatalities. Now, we proudly introduce S.O.U.L., which stands for Support to Overcome, Understand, Live. 

We believe this rebranding reflects a more precise representation of ODL’s mission with this project. By engaging with marginalized communities, we can pinpoint these obstacles, dispel stigmas, and forge connections between crucial resources and the underserved communities that need them most. We are committed to helping every S.O.U.L. we can. 

The Journey to Rebranding

The genesis of MACRO-B dates back to the fall of 2022 when ODL collaborated with Indiana University’s School of Public Health to uncover access barriers. Over time, it became apparent that while the MACRO-B name captured the essence of the project, it lacked the resonance we hoped for with a broader community. Moreover, the project revealed the need to fully embrace the breadth of other marginalized communities, such as the LGBTQA+ and other non-English speaking populations. After deliberating over several options, we collectively decided to choose a brand that would accurately expand the purpose of MACRO-B while connecting to the mission of Overdose Lifeline. S.O.U.L. was chosen because, as an organization, our goal is to remove the stigmas surrounding substance use disorder and see every person as someone in need of and deserving assistance.  

Overdose Lifeline Chief Executive Officer, Justin Phillips, and Diversity & Outreach Program Manager, Charlotte Crabtree, in a MACRO-B brainstorming session.

The rebranding journey spanned approximately six weeks, during which Charlotte Crabtree, Diversity & Outreach Program Manager, collaborated with Elliott Stubblefield, Diversity & Outreach Team Member, Justin Phillips, Chief Executive Office, and Keith Beaven, Chief Operations Officer, to bring context to the S.O.U.L. brand. 

We wanted the name to be memorable, descriptive, and, most of all, inclusive. It had to incorporate the themes of:

  • Substance use prevention resources for all
  • Everyone is served here
  • Racial equality

S.O.U.L. Searching for a Brighter Future

As with the intention behind the rebrand, we recognize that a project of this scale requires constant attention to detail. It’s a daunting task that demands adaptation in response to increasing overdose deaths. This is why we encourage feedback from the community on our work, so we can tailor the project to meet the needs of its audience. 

Come find us in the community to learn more about S.O.U.L. and provide your feedback. You can find us by visiting our Event page.

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