Medication Assisted Treatment and Prescriber Pilot Program Extended

​During this time of COVID-19 crisis we need continued awareness that the other public health crisis, opioid use disorder, has not gone away and may potentially get worse. Because of this, the Federal Government has issued new guidelines allowing for the prescribing of opioid use disorder medication without a face-to face-patient visit. Overdose Lifeline has been able to secure additional resources to provide reimbursement for physicians, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants willing to become eligible to prescribe medication assisted treatment (MAT) / medication for opioid use disorder (MOUD).

Tools are now available to provide an evidence-based, medication to treat opioid use disorder.
​Become a MAT/MOUD Waiver Prescriber
MAT/MOUD is the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies. Research has shown that removing an individual’s drug use through detoxification without the use of medications has a high failure rate of >90% within 3 months. A common misconception associated with MAT/MOUD is that it substitutes one drug for another.

Rather, these medications relieve the withdrawal symptoms and psychological cravings that cause chemical imbalances in the body. MAT/MOUD programs provide a safe and controlled level of medication to overcome the use of an abused opioid. Research has shown that when provided at the proper dose, medications used in MAT/MOUD have no adverse effects on a person’s intelligence, mental capability, physical functioning or employability.

The State of Indiana has extended its pilot program for the purpose of increasing the number of qualified Indiana providers with training in MAT/MOUD. It is easy to participate, and you can receive reimbursement in two ways:

  1. Take the training and
  2. See your first patient

Overdose Lifeline, Inc. will help you manage this easy 3-step process.

  1. Simply visit this website and take the training on the PCSS website: Training is Free to You and is 8 hours in length.
  2. Then visit the ODL Mat Waiver webpage, complete the online form and submit your training verification, first patient served signed letter* and W-9 form. MAT Waiver page:
  3. Receive the following reimbursement from the pilot program via Overdose Lifeline, Inc:
    — $600 for training and an additional $600 for seeing your first patient
    — For treating pregnant women: a premium rate of $800 for training and an additional $800 for seeing your first patient

Note: Because this is a pilot program, there is a maximum number of allowed patients, so participation is on a first come, first served basis. All patients will need to be seen on or before April 30, 2020 to qualify for the reimbursement.

*First Patient Served Signed Letter:  A patient letter of attestation to include HIPPA protected information regarding who/when and what was prescribed then signed by you.

For questions, please contact Overdose Lifeline, Inc.: or call 844-554-3354

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