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Important Indiana Laws, Effective July 1

New Indiana laws become effective today which improve access to resources and added support to help Indiana’s battle to reduce the state’s opioid epidemic.  Laws which address increased access to the opioid overdose reversal drug naloxone, insurance coverage and evidence-based treatment practices for detox and improving the data management and reporting of the INSPECT program.

Naloxone is now available over-the-counter through a statewide standing order issued by the Indiana State Department of Health. An individual, a family member, or friend can visit any Indiana pharmacy and request naloxone without the need for a prescription. Read more about SB 187

Visit our Naloxone for the Public information page for more information on what this new law means for you or your family-member or loved one.

This bill was the product of the Attorney General’s Task Force on Prescription Drug Abuse, authored by Senator Miller and sponsored by Representative Kirchhofer – signed by the Governor on March 21, 2016 and becomes effective on July 1, 2016. The Opioid Dependence Treatment bill requires

  • To ensure comprehensive treatment, this bill requires opioid treatment to include, among other things, assessments, therapy, informed consent, and all FDA approved medications for treatment.  
  • Medicaid coverage for inpatient detoxification for the treatment of opioid or alcohol dependence consistent with ASAM or other recognized evidence based criteria.
  • Requires opioid treatment programs to either enroll as a Medicaid and HIP 2.0 provider themselves or enroll as an OPR [Ordering, Prescribing, and Referring] provider and agree to an MOU with a Certified Mental Health Center (CMHC), so that they can refer to them for covered services to ensure access to comprehensive and integrated addiction treatment.

​Read more about SB 297

This bill is designed to improve the prescription drug reporting program INSPECT to provide a more access and improved reporting. For example the bill allows a dentist, physician, advanced practice nurse, physicians assistant and podiatrist to include an INSPECT program report in a patient’s file. Read more about SB 1278

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