Nominate Your Unsung Heros of Overdose Prevention for this Year’s Overdose Awareness Day

International Overdose Awareness Day (ODAD) is recognized annually on August 31st and commemorates those lost to a drug overdose. By acknowledging the grief felt by affected families, we are able to remember cherished memories with loved ones. For the past 10 years, Overdose Lifeline has joined over 10 other countries recognizing this commemorative day with an event in Indianapolis. 

During the Indiana Overdose Awareness Day event, Overdose Lifeline honors individuals and organizations who have gone above and beyond to help solve the substance use disorder (SUD) and opioid use disorder (OUD) epidemic through an award ceremony. Past ODAD events have gathered hundreds of people to remember loved ones, participate in a candlelight vigil, and give out awards to address different areas in which progress is made in addressing these issues within our community. 

This year’s Overdose Awareness Day is scheduled for August 25th at the Indiana State Museum from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Please consider nominating an individual or organization in one of the following categories. 

ODL Award Categories

  • Legislative: Elected government official aiding the awareness of ODL and the Opioid Epidemic interests at the government level. 
  • Medical: Medical or allied health professional advancing the cause/interests of ODL and the Opioid Epidemic. 
  • Public Safety Individual or Organization: Police, firefighter, EMT, or paramedic making an impact related to ODL and the Opioid Epidemic
  • Layperson: Non-certified contributor to the cause of ODL and the Opioid Epidemic.
  • Organization/Community Partner: Private sector business/agency/organization that has helped advance the cause of ODL and the Opioid Epidemic.
  • Naloxone Lifesaver (multiple): Documented/reported overdose reversal with naloxone excluding first responders.

Recognizing a Previous Organization/Community Partner Winner

Muncie Folk Collective was recognized by ODL as an outstanding organization/community partner for their impact on the opioid epidemic. Our partnership began with Muncie Folk Collective in 2021. Since then, they have increased naloxone and test strip access throughout Delaware County by placing 7 NaloxBox across Muncie and surrounding areas and by installing a naloxone vending machine in IU Ball Hospital. 

Their contributions to increasing access to overdose prevention resources extend to destigmatizing substance use disorder. Part of the barrier to lifesaving resources is the stigma surrounding SUD, and Muncie Folk Collective recognizes that actively working to reduce this stigma directly contributes to increased overdose prevention. This is why they have frequent one-on-one conversations with community stakeholders to identify new ways to inform residents about available lifesaving resources.

Muncie’s Harm Reduction Street Outreach Team acts as boots on the ground with community pop-up events where residents can receive harm reduction supplies and information on local recovery resources. 

Overcoming SUD and Overdose Deaths Through Advocacy, Resilience, and Hope

Other past ODAD events highlighted the importance of hope in ongoing overdose prevention efforts. This hope for a stronger, healthier community is the fuel needed to maintain advocacy initiatives and instill significant change, both on a legislative and community front. An important part of this mission is remembering and honoring those lost to the opioid epidemic, a stark reminder of the negative impact of SUD. The ODAD event provides an opportunity for the community to grieve, discuss community happenings regarding the opioid epidemic and prevention efforts, and highlight the progress being made.

You can learn more about this year’s Overdose Awareness Day and nominate someone here. We hope to see you at the Indiana State Museum!

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