Overdose Lifeline, Inc. to Host Local Event Recognizing International Overdose Awareness Day – August 31st

Month after month, you hear the stories of communities, friends and families rallying around those battling cancer.  The fundraisers for the young child with a terminal illness. Awareness months for every disease or ailment and a walk or run to support advocacy efforts.  What you don’t hear or see often enough are those in our community mourning the loss of a friend, mother, father or child lost to overdose.  Their stories are commonly hidden in shame. Cast into the shadows by those who find it easier to place blame on the individual’s inability to overcome an addiction rather than address the growing epidemic that is finding its way into the homes of our city.

50 lives were lost in six months in Marion County due to overdose this year.  50 families left reeling from the loss of a loved one and wondering what they could have done differently to help them battle their illness. Meanwhile, more opiates are finding their way onto the streets of our city and into the hands of our citizens at an alarming rate. Overdose-Lifeline, Inc., a non-profit established following the death of its founder’s son, is on a mission to carry the message of hope to individuals, families and communities affected by addiction.  With that mission in mind we invite you to attend a special gathering to remember those lost to an overdose and support the loved ones left behind.

Meet with Overdose-Lifeline, Inc. board members and volunteers, hear from Indiana State Senator Jim Merritt. Invitations have been extended to Senator Joe Donnelly’s office, Congresswoman Susan Brooks, as well as the Marion County Director of Public Safety to join us in discussing what can be done as a community to tackle this growing problem.

You can help provide support to those in our community, raise awareness and bring attention to available resources by sharing this information:

International Overdose Awareness Day Picnic and Candlelight Vigil
Sunday, August 31, 2014
Picnic: 6 pm; Ceremony: 7 pm

Juan Solomon Park 
6100 Grandview Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46228

Click here to download the poster shown below  and spread the word about this important event:

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