Overdose Lifeline Partners with the Indiana Department of Corrections

Number of Naloxone kits disstributed

Naloxone not only saves lives, but creates an opportunity for those with addiction to seek treatment in their road to recovery. Lawmakers, physicians, and organizations like Overdose Lifeline have collectively seen the other benefits of Naloxone as an opioid antagonist, which is why we’ve banded together to educate and increase accessibility to it.

Benefits of Naloxone:
– no risk of abuse or dependency when taken
– no legal ramifications if a layperson administers, thanks to Aaron’s Law.

As we continue to raise awareness and expand our resources within the community, we hope to move towards a world where Naloxone kits are accessible to all. This, amongst other reasons, is why we are excited to announce our recent partnership with the Indiana Department of Corrections. As a result of funding from the Division of Mental Health and Addiction/State of Indiana, Overdose Lifeline and the Dept of Correction will offer Naloxone as an option for each offender upon release. So far, Overdose Lifeline has given 2,255 Naloxone kits to the Indiana Department of Corrections for offenders being released. This program will also be expanding to the Indiana 10 parole districts.

Why it matters:
Dr. Stephen M. Taylor, who is on the board of directors American Society of Addiction Medicine, explains that people who return to the community after having been incarcerated are 129 times more likely to suffer an overdose than the general population. By bringing Naloxone to those most at risk in a judgement free setting, we believe we can save lives.

Overdose lifeline was featured in a press release about the partnership. We invite you to check it out on the Indiana Department of Corrections website.

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