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Overdose Lifeline Program Shared in Schools

​Hancock County invited Overdose Lifeline (ODL) to come speak to the students at New Palestine High School regarding the risks of prescription pain medicine (opioids) and heroin use and provide alternatives to using drugs and alcohol in dealing with the issues, stresses, and pressures facing today’s youth. More than 150 New Palestine High School students in grades 9 – 12 participated in the ODL program which includes a 15 minute film, worksheet and discussion.

​”I think that the video was really informative and it let me know what could happen and being in that situation I could look at the video and think back, like oh this is really bad.”  – Emma Wiggington, New Palestine High School Sophomore

​​Brent Easton, Hancock County Prosecutor is a strong supporter of this program. “The best kind of drug case is the case that we do not have because somebody makes the choice not to use. And if people, young people especially who may not have had much information about narcotics – specifically heroin addiction, if they have more information then it will increase the possibility that they’re going to make good decisions, not bad decisions.”

​​”I appreciate Overdose Lifeline, Inc. for coming out to our high school to present this lesson on heroin prevention. Heroin use has become an epidemic in our state and it’s vital that our young people become aware of what could potentially happen to them if they experiment with heroin or any opioid.” — Jeff Wright, Teacher New Palestine High School (Hancock County, IN)
​​WRTV reporter Derrick Thomas covers the Hancock County Education and Prevention initiative as part of the WRTV “Our Streets, Our Stories” news feature

Learn more about the Overdose Lifeline Education and Prevention program.
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