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This is Not About Drugs

The first youth-focused educational program addressing the opioid public health crisis.

Youth Education Program to Prevent Opioid Misuse and Educate on the Risks of Fentanyl


This is Not About Drugs (TINAD) is a youth education program that addresses youth substance use with an emphasis on opioids (prescription pain medication, fentanyl and heroin).

Used by school and community partners in 36+ U.S. states to prevent opioid misuse, educate on the risks of fentanyl, how to recognize opioid overdose symptoms, the basics of the opioid reversal drug naloxone (NARCAN), the importance of calling 911, and more.

Developed in 2015 – Annual Updates

Over the years, the program has remained current to the health crisis trends and conditions. For example, TINAD expanded to include how to recognize opioid overdose symptoms, the basics of the opioid reversal drug naloxone (NARCAN), the importance of calling 911, the rise in synthetic opioids (fentanyl), and the practice of fentanyl-laced street drugs and counterfeit pills.

More About This Is Not About Drugs


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Program Lesson Outcomes/Objectives

At the completion of This is Not About Drugs, youth will learn and understand

Efficacy Study

In collaboration with the Public Policy Institute at Indiana University, the study examined the efficacy and results of the program. Results indicate that the youth program significantly increases understanding of the risks associated with prescription pain pills, the similarity between heroin and prescription pain pills, and awareness of the purpose of the overdose reversal drug naloxone. Read the study

Pain Pills and Heroin/Fentanyl are the Same Drug

Being Able to Recognize an Opioid Overdose

TINAD Program Provided Information that was Helpful

More Likely to Reach Out for Help and Talk with Someone

Student Takeaways

Lesson Outline

Part 1 of the worksheet activity captures the student’s established perceptions and opinions on substance use and prevention. The worksheet statements model the lesson outcomes/objectives, using terminology from the film to help with knowledge acquisition and retention.


The lesson outcomes/objectives are the blueprints of the film which finds 12 young people sharing their personal experiences in real, everyday terms. The discussion portion of the lesson allows for students to express their opinions of the film and for group discussion of the learning material.


Part 2 of the worksheet activity asks the student to reassess the same six statements after they have watched and talked about the film and complete some additional questions measuring the remaining learning objectives.


A student handout and website containing the video, more information, and resources support the student after the lesson.


The completed student worksheets and the Educator “After the Lesson” survey data help Overdose Lifeline and partner organizations track and measure the effectiveness of the lesson and educational materials and provide critical data for future decision-making.

Facilitator Course

Get certified to deliver this youth opioid prevention program in your community. All training is conducted online.

Onsite training available for groups of 5 or more for additional fees. 

Fill out the form, email us, or call 844.554.3354 for more information and a custom quote.


Fees: $300/person includes

Annual Program License: $150 Individual or $250-2000/year Group

​©2015 Overdose Lifeline, Inc. “This is (Not) About Drugs” Prescription Pain Medicine (Opioids) and Heroin Prevention Education program and its materials may not be reproduced or distributed without the specific, written authorization from Overdose Lifeline and completion of the required program training. All rights reserved.

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