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CE / Trainer course

First Responder Naloxone

Course Overview

Developed specifically for First Responders, this course will provide a foundational understanding of the opioid public health crisis and the overdose epidemic and how to recognize and respond to an opioid overdose.

If you are an Indiana First Responder, visit the Indiana First Responder Course page.

As an approved Law Enforcement Training Board training provider (#47-1333720), Overdose Lifeline online training courses meet annual in-service training requirements for Indiana Law Enforcement officers and support personnel, specifically for Mental Illness, Addiction & Disabilities IC 5-2-1-9(g).

For first responders in states other than Indiana, before beginning any of the Overdose Lifeline online courses we recommend that you verify that the course is of suitable subject matter and content for annual in-service training with your Department’s Certified Instructor.

What You Will Learn

Course Outline

  1. Brief Review of the Disease of Addiction 
  2. Opioid Overview 
  3. The Overdose Epidemic
    a. Data, Trends and Impact
  4. Recognizing and Preventing an Opioid Overdose
    a. Who is at Risk of an Overdose
    b. The Danger of Exposure
    c. Factors that Increase Heroin Overdose
    d. Patient Presentation and Environmental Signs
    e. Harm Reduction Definition
  5. Responding to an Overdose
    a. What is Naloxone
    b. Naloxone Laws
    c. Why Use Naloxone
    d. How Opioids Affect the Central Nervous System
    e. How Naloxone Stops an Overdose
    f. Myths and Truths About Naloxone
    g. PAARI – Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative
  6. Naloxone Administration
    a. Intranasal Naloxone Administration (ADAPT)
    b. Intranasal Naloxone Administration (AMPHASTAR)
    c. Post Administration
    d. General Naloxone Information
  7. Resources

Online CE Course

1.5 CE Credits

Accreditation through Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board (ILEA) 


Individual Course: $35



On-Site & Live Online Training

On-site and live online training, available for groups of five or more. 

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Trainer Course

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Fees: $255/person

Annual Program Licensing: $400/per group

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