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Removing the Shame and Stigma of Addiction/SUD

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn about the role that shame and stigma play in substance use disorder (disease of addiction) by looking at the effect they have on individuals, families, caregivers, and communities. The course will review the consequences of shame and stigma associated with the disease of addiction, why addiction is stigmatized within society, and solutions to address shame and stigma.

What You Will Learn

Course Outline

  1. Brief Review of the Science of Addiction
  2. What is Stigma?
    a. Definition
    b. Stigma Examples
    c. Factors that Influence Stigma
    d. Types of Stigma
  3. How/Why do we Stigmatize?
    a. Applying Socio-Ecological Model to Stigma
    b. Stigma and Discrimination
    c. Labeling Theory
    d. Criminalized
    e. Setback (Relapse)
    f. Moral Failing Belief
    g. Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, Effect on Self-Esteem
  4. Examples of Stigma in Medical Disease/Conditions
  5. Impact of Shame and Stigma
    a. Effects and Sources of Stigma
    b. Impact on the Individual
    c. Impact on the Family/caregivers
    d. Addiction Professionals Stigma
    e. Healthcare System Stigma
    f. Pharmacy Stigma
    g. Criminal Justice System Stigma
  6. Solutions
    a. Education
    b. Language
    c. Harm Reduction
    d. Policy and Laws
    e. Innovative Programs
    f. Treatment Access / Continuation of Care
  7. Toolkit

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The Brain and the Disease of Addiction

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