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PreVenture is an evidence-based prevention program that uses personality targeted interventions to promote mental health and skill development and delay youth substance use.

Personality factors can increase vulnerability to substance use and mental health challenges

The PreVenture program was developed by Dr. Patricia Conrod, a Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Montreal. Dr. Conrod’s research focuses on risk factors for youth substance misuse and mental health problems with a view to understanding why early onset substance use is so highly concurrent with other mental health concerns and future addiction.


PreVenture is designed to help youth ages 12-17 learn useful coping skills, set long term goals, and channel their personality towards achieving them. PreVenture incorporates Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help youth better understand and manage the aspects of their personalities associated with risky behaviors and substance use.

PreVenture is designed to help youth:

The four personality styles

The personality questionnaire (SURPS) identifies which of the following four personality styles youth align with most.


Impulsivity is about acting on the spur of the moment without thinking much about the consequences of an action.

Sensation Seeking

Sensation seeking is the need for excitement, even if it means engaging in risky behaviors.

Anxiety Sensitivity

Anxiety sensitivity comes with uncomfortable physical sensations when anxious, and worrying about situations that will make these sensations appear.

Negative Thinking

Negative thinking is about feeling sad and hopeless, constantly finding the negatives in life’s events.

PreVenture Results


Delayed Initiation & Reduced Frequency


Reduced by 50%


Reduced Risk Anxiety, Depression


Reduced by 50%

What PreVenture looks like

The PreVenture program was developed and tested by Dr. Patricia Conrod, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Montreal, Canada. PreVenture introduces cognitive behavioral strategies and coping skills to youth based on their individual personality style.


PreVenture is administered by a trained facilitator in a supportive and comfortable environment or online.


The Substance Use Risk Profile Scale (SURPS) identifies program eligible youth and their unique personality styles.


The workshops help youths to understand the connection between their personality style and their behaviors.

Overdose Lifeline is an official provider of PreVenture training and implementation in the US.

Implementing PreVenture in Your Community

If you are a teacher, mental health practitioner, counselor, social worker, and/or prevention specialist, you can become a certified PreVenture facilitator and bring this proven, evidence-based intervention to your community.

Unlike most universal programs that offer generic coping skills and address normative attitudes around substance misuse, PreVenture focuses expressly on promoting cognitive behavioral strategies that have been shown to improve mental health. The intervention is delivered to youth in a workshop format and introduces cognitive behavioral strategies and coping skills based on individual personality styles. Youth fill out a brief personality questionnaire (SURPS) which aligns them with the personality style most relevant to them.


Consent forms are sent out to the parents.


The intended target population complete the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale (SURPS) brief screening survey which identifies program eligible youth and their unique personality styles.


Eligible youth are informed confidentially in person or in writing and invited to participate in the brief workshops.


Two, 90-minute personality specific group workshops are held at least one week apart. The workshops utilize the evidence based curriculum to teach youth how to understand the connection between their personality style and their behaviors.

PreVenture Training Package

Over a 2-day period you will learn about the evidence base and theoretical approach of Preventure and walk through a hands-on practical experience delivering the PreVenture program using Motivational Interviewing (MI) exercises and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) principles. Conducted online*

Upon completion of the full low fidelity facilitator training, you will be certified to deliver the PreVenture Program. For continued access to delivering the PreVenture Program, certification must be renewed annually on April 1st of each year.

After becoming a trained facilitator, you will have access to official PreVenture resources from such as:

Facilitator Training Fees $785/person

Optional High Fidelity Certification Additional $500/person

Trainee must complete one full workshop under supervision and will receive a feedback session. May be live workshop setting or mock presentation. Contact us for more information.

Facilitator Certification Renewal $120/person

Annual Facilitator Certification fee payable to PreVenture-CHU Sainte-Justine.

Other Budget Considerations

Student Workbooks available in print and digital formats purchased from PreVenture-CHU Sainte-Justine. Contact us for pricing.

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