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All the proceeds from our online store support Overdose Lifeline’s mission to carry the message of hope to individuals, families, and communities affected by the disease of addiction.

Mud Love “Enable Recovery” Bracelet

Handmade bracelet out of mud with the words “Enable Recovery”


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Product description

Mud Love™ is an Indiana-based company that creates handmade bracelets out of mud featuring inspiring messages of hope. Thanks to their partnership with Water for Good, every product purchased helps provide safe, clean water to someone in need in Central Africa.

Overdose Lifeline has two Mud Love™ Bracelets: Overdose Lifeline and Enable Recovery. When you wear one of our custom-made Mud Love™ bracelets, you help spread awareness about the need for treatment and recovery access and carry the message of hope to all who have been affected by this chronic disease.

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