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Anthony (Tony) Cortez

I got to know my dad for a few years of my life, he was gone for most of it selling and using drugs. When I was 11 he went to prison for 7 years. I was 19 when he got out in December of 2020. My sister was across the country and my brothers, who are in the custody of my aunt, weren’t allowed to see him. I’m beyond grateful for the roughly 120 days I got to spend with my dad before he relapsed and overdosed on April 16th 2021. I can feel my dad’s influence in my actions sometimes. He was extremely confident and charming, as well as passionate and real. I try to be like him in many ways, I wish I had gotten the chance to know him more. I remember after my dad got out of prison I told him that I was afraid he would overdose. He grabbed my head and said “I’m not going to relapse!”
I hope all victims of drug addiction stay here for the people that love them. I miss my dad and wish he had reached out when he needed it.

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