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Fentanyl, heroin, meth addiction at 18

I’m reaching out to you teens!!!

My addiction started in 2017 ….when i was around 16 Let me just say today i’m 18 i never thought i was going to be doing hard core drugs everrrr…. I started with meth i guess you can say that was my drug of choice honestly anyone thats ever been really stuck on drugs knows they will never get the same feeling from that first high. Later on cause of this reason i moved on to stronger things…. Of course i had gone to 8 rehabs for using meth threw out my addiction in 2017, 18, let me just say I’ve never completed a rehab program. I have been clean from meth since July, 4, 2019 but…. I wasn’t fully sober from everything although I wasn’t using meth i was using other things stronger than meth….. I was doing heroin, drinking everyday, xanz, all things you can imagine its all fun and games when your with that group of people so cal ” friends” I’m telling you right now ANYONE who you’re destroying yourself with does not care or love you…. I had an overdose from heroin on December’ 29, 2019 i used a needle…. In my mind I told myself “well since I’m clean from meth this isn’t as bad” let me just tell you the people I was with didn’t call 911 because it was “going to be a burn” what about my life? They didn’t care. Recently I had an overdose on fentanyl something i had never even heard of or done. Mind you I was already drinking and on xanz I shot up 3 times and stopped breathing in minutes this happened recently on January 2, 2020 later after that overdose I couldn’t believe I was alive. It was so painful to find out 4 days later after I went to the clinic for a check up that I had been 10 weeks pregnant….. I was heartbroken I strongly believe god kept me alive for this reason 🙁 that i have life inside of me I’m really worried to know if my baby will be healthy it’s sad because I’m so young. And no one should be going through this I’m sharing this because now everyday that goes by I feel like I should of been dead and this child is the only reason I’m alive…..
Attribution: Brittany

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