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Gone too Soon

photo of david

For 6 years God gave David the gift of sobriety. Life changing years. Times of accomplishment and joy. Family vacations and holidays. Moments of pride and hope. But on September 28 at 10:30PM, I received the phone call that would change my life forever. The pull of addiction was too much. David received a fatal dose of fentanyl and was called to heaven.
There are those special people who enter our lives, and never leave us. Even after they are gone. David had that special “magic”. He touched everyone he came in contact with, making all of us better as humans and filling our hearts with joy. When someone passes away, everyone always says nice things about them, even if they were not. But talking to so many people, many of whom I have never met, they all say said the exact words we all ready knew.
David was an amazing person. One beautiful soul, smart, kind and a very dedicated dad. The way he viewed the whole world was so peaceful and refreshing. He was motivated and passionate in whatever he sat out to do. He had the best sense of humor, and the ability to make any situation fun. His love of music left us with a bridge to heaven in which to communicate with him. He was grateful and never forgot to say thank you. I miss the phone conversations. He ended every one with “I love You”.
After David passed away, I spent the better part of 2 days rereading his diaries and note books. I realized he fought the good fight. That he had no more fight left in him. A few quotes come to mind.
“If I am lost, it is only for a little while”.
“Most of the time I am grateful for the bad things that have happened in my past”
“Life has been tough and wonderful”
And in those same diaries he talks constantly about his children, his intense love, responsibility and dedication, about being a good dad.
We have choices in life. We can chose to be sad or chose to carry on in the best way we can. Though my heart is broken into a million pieces, there is still life left to live. Happy memories and heart aches left to experience. Smiles and laughter, tears, hugs, joy and sadness, and the long car trips that David loved so much.

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