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Jane was the baby. She was the closest in age to Johnny, so it wasn’t unexpected for her to take his death as hard as she did. She idolized our brother; everything he was, wore, did, listened to she tried to be. Unfortunately they shared similar demons.

Jane was a bit of a wild card, she was the true definition of a free spirit. She was braver than anyone l ever knew. She loved you in her way which at times was frustrating but never not felt.

Jane gave a beautiful speech at Johnny’s funeral. She promised to live her life better and to live for him. I wholeheartedly believe she wanted to, but just couldn’t. I talked to her everyday after he died. I honestly never felt closer to her. She showed a vulnerable side to herself and for the first time in our life I felt she really needed me. I carried the weight of failing our brother; after all I am the oldest, I always did anything I could for my siblings and I couldn’t save him. Jane felt like my second chance.

She was so broken and felt alone without him. July 26th, 34 days after our brother Johnny died, she also died from a Fentanyl overdose. Having to call my mom and tell her she has lost a second child is something nobody should have to do.

Our family is broken, so indefinitely broken.

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