My good friend Kimi!!

My good friend Kimi was the best. She had a heart of gold, but also didn’t take crap from anyone. She was 43 when I found her passed away. She had battled her addiction since she was a young child. She was so smart and loved to collect antique’s and work on bicycles. She had a lot of friends and people that loved her. She was staying with me to get away from her toxic relationship. She had tried to work things out but was unsuccessful. The last time I went and picked her up, she was getting beat up and her girlfriend tried to kill her. She didn’t go back again after that. Her heart was broken and she didn’t know what to do. I let her stay even though she was using. I just celebrated 3 yrs clean Nov 2nd this year. So she kept things to herself to respect me and my recovery. She was depressed and didn’t have the motivation to do to much. It was almost 2 mths that she was at my place. The night of Sept 1st 2021 she had a friend stop by and hook her up. Well I guess it was no good. She was still sick. She was trying to get a hold of her mom to borrow $20 and was unsuccessful. She broke down and asked me if I could loan it to her and I had it, but I said no. Well she figured it out and had $10 on some card and she asked borrow my car for 15 mins. I was already in bed, so I let her use my car, and she was back within 20 mins. I was still awake but upstairs in bed. She probably thought I was asleep cause she didn’t bring my keys to me, but she had court in the morning and I just figured that was why she held onto them. I fell asleep finally, and had set my alarm for 2pm the next day so I could go clean house for my church family. When I woke up I went to the bathroom and headed downstairs. I noticed the living room light was still on as I went down the stairs. I hit the bottom step and seen her sitting on the couch but her head was hanging down in-between her legs. I was hopeful she was sleeping but I knew. I knew she was gone. I ran back upstairs to get my phone and called 911. The operator asked me to feel for a pulse and of course I did. She didn’t have one, and for some reason I grabbed her arm and then her leg. She was so cold and stiff. I was of course hysterical and was crying when the police showed up. They pulled me out of my apartment so the EMT’s could get to her. It was to late for them to help and they immediately came outside to me, to make sure I was alright. I remember the police officers kept asking me who it was and I told them it was Kimi. They knew who she was, but none of them recognized her. The coroner was called and we had to wait for him. I kept thinking that this was a bad, bad, dream. How could Kimi be dead when I had Narcan nasal spray and she had injectable Narcan. How could this happen. So in the meantime I was being questioned. I also, for some reason, had hid the rest of her drugs, like I was thinking she was alive, and didn’t want her in trouble or myself in trouble. The officers had to make me understand that she was gone, and that they needed her stuff. They explained to me how dangerous Fentanyl is, so I told them where I put it. I also had to prove to them that I didn’t use and I was asleep till my alarm went off. At some time, while all of this was going on, I called her mom and told her what was going on. Then my phone rang and it was my church family wondering if I was ok since I hadn’t showed up to clean. I explained what was going on and they came and picked me up. It was a blessing cause I was home alone now and didn’t know what to do with myself. I was in shock. I had seen 2 overdoses before but they lived due to Narcan. This was my first time seeing a dead body, besides at a funeral, which I usually wouldn’t go to funerals. She was really dead. I couldn’t believe it. My friend was gone just like that. I was already grieving my mother’s death that happened almost 2 weeks before. It was a very hard time. Her mom and I waited for her toxicology report, and when it finally came back it said a combo of meth and fentanyl. We couldn’t believe it, even though we pretty much already knew what she died from. I will forever miss Kimi and keep her in my heart. I also made a new rule for my home and i will not allow anybody in my home that is using ever again. I will still help people, just not in my home. That was a lesson learned the hardest way possible. September 2nd is Kimi’s day forever. R. I. P. & Fly with the angels. I Love you always!!! 8

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