Nathan – He Tried So Hard

Nathan went to his first treatment program in January 2017. He never gave up. Every time he slipped, he tried again. And for the past ~2 years, he was sober and healthy. He worked full-time and went to school full-time. He was in love with beautiful Francie, had many dear friends, supported others in recovery, and came home for family dinner on Sundays. He worked and volunteered for people on the margins of our community.

He graduated from college in December. Life changes can be hard for people in recovery and he suffered his final relapse March 4, fatally. We are unbearably sad and angry at the viciousness of this disease, and committed to helping relieve the stigma. That’s why I’m telling our story.

Did you recently lose someone to SUD?

Please accept our condolences and use this community space as a way to memorialize their story.

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