Noonie Lil Sister this is my story

MY BIG BROTHER WAS ONE OF THE MOST SOLID PERSON WE WOULD WANT TO MEET.We struggled all our life, my oldest brother Anthony took care of me and my little brother because we didn’t have a man figure in our life and my mother was addicted to drugs all of us were born with drugs in our systems. My brother struggled with own childhood issues and pain he Also struggled with mental health issues and when we don’t get those issues addressed most will begin to self medicate and I tried to get my brother help no one else would help me and he wasn’t strong enough to help himself. My brother trusted the wrong people and i always felt something was going to happen to him so I would try to save him from harm even though he was my oldest brother He left behind three beautiful children my oldest nephew Anthony jr and my minor nieces a damaged little brother who is now using drugs. My oldest brother meant the world to me He is 39 years old we are 6 days and 6 years about and ever day I am fighting for justice for him because he wasn’t the kind of person to go and buy drugs he was the kind to want to fit in with his so called friends because he never got the love he needed for our mother or his father or his children me and my daughter loved him dearly I guess our love wasn’t enough for him to love hisself. Someone give my brother drugs that cost him his life and if my story can help others I pray that this reaches someone and Save their life.
Sometimes the people we trust don’t have our best interests at heart .
Always fighting for my brothers best interests and I will always honor him in life and death.

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