Remembering Terry

We lost Terry Alexander Fritz on October 1, 2014. He passed from a heroin overdose, he was found alone his car in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with the engine running and the windows open. He was discovered after 7:00 am but the coroner says he died about 4:40 am. We have no answers the police have done nothing to assist us in persuing his murderer. Terry was the middle child and had an amazing smile, he gave the best hugs and all of his friends refer to him as their best friend.

I miss everything about him and have never stopped saying his name or telling his story. Terry suffered from opiate addiction for about 12 years but we knew nothing. We were so naive we believed him when he said he “Got This Mom “.

I wish for more education and more police activity. I am blessed to live in a small community where our Police Chief initiated the Help not Handcuffs program.

by Terry’s Mom – Delafield WI

Did you recently lose someone to SUD?

Please accept our condolences and use this community space as a way to memorialize their story.

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