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She is the color YELLOW

Brittney Nichole Fisher is a victim of overdose when she was introduced to the nasty opioid heroine. At 24 she was still growing into this so called life we all participate in. She was a new mom and only celebrated a few milestones of her daughter’s life before her own was so unexpectedly ended.

Brittney was a sweet child growing up. She never got into any trouble or fooled around with drugs. She had a good circle of friends, graduated in 2013 from JICHS. She touched the hearts of many children and parents as a child care giver. Her smile was infectious as well as her personality. You’d never suspect she was a heroin addict.

I’m not sure when her addiction began. She did well for herself but tried to fight another loved ones addiction while not realizing what she had done to herself.

Brittney was the oldest of five. We grew up together and her love for her family was pure.

She never told anyone the severity of her addiction and me not educated enough on heroine and what to watch for lead to the truth being right in front of me.

She hid it from her family.

After her baby was born is when we were aware that something bigger than we imagined was going on. They came to live at home. The first month was awful. She was mean and hateful. She didn’t want to be here with us, she was detoxing, had a newborn, and had lost everything. By month 3, she was improving. Brittney was a doting mother. You could see it in her eyes. She had a job, attended drug classes 2 times a week, and was even working on repairing her messes. For 7 months she was showing me that she could get back on her feet. I had no reason to suspect she was using.

I wish I would have asked more questions. We grew close over those 10 months. She was a mom and I was a grandmother. Once again we were growing together.

She did it in our home, always in the bathroom. You wouldn’t think that she was going in there to use. Why would we think anything differently?

We spent the day together when she died.

Just her, baby, and I. This is a rarity that we could just have a day for us. We shopped. We smiled and admired the smocked outfits we could imagine baby in. We picked up a bag of jeans from a friend that we would never get to go through together and picked up her sister from work. I turned to Brittney that day and told her I was so grateful that we got to spend the day together and we should do it more often. I didn’t know it would be our last day.

Brittney died on a Saturday night, September 21st, 2019 to be exact. She had just showered, her towel was around her and her hair still wet. We found her in the bathroom. The events and images to follow have replayed in my head a million times. It was the most traumatic night of my life, of our families life. She had lost too much oxygen and was brain dead. She stayed on life support for 3 days. In the days and weeks to follow I made many heart wrenching decisions. 13 weeks later I found out that she had been poisoned with fentanyl. 7.5 mg. This was her cause of death.

This is her story and mine. Carolyn Collins, Brittney Fisher’s mom. Through me she will live. 💜11.11.94-09.24.19💜

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